Air blade dryer

Air blade dryer

For your customers, a drier car is a cleaner car. When your dryers leave water on hoods and windshields, customers notice - because the water's right in front of their faces. 

That's why developed the AirBlade dryer, designed just for drying horizontal surfaces. AirBlade uses twin 10-HP producers to push air through a long, narrow 2-1/2 inch by 35 inch outlet (patent pending). This creates a "wall of air" that literally strips water off of hoods, windshields and roofs.

As part of our complete vehicle drying system, AirBlade can help deliver a thorough dry. While the AirBlade strips water off hoods, windshields and roofs, the AirCannon dryers deliver powerful columns of air that dry vehicle sides, and blast water out of vehicle nooks and crannies.

Depending on your application needs, the AirBlade® drying system is available in multiple design configurations including:


  • AirBlade (20HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Select (40HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Express (60HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Express 180 (100HP) Freestanding