Signature tunnel

Signature tunnel

Anyone can set up a car wash to clean vehicles. But the more experienced owner goes a step beyond that to create a memorable experience. If done correctly, a vehicle washing must appeal to the senses , while customers feel relaxed while their cars washed.

That's why a new category was created in the construction of machines called " Signature Series" with a gloss finish epoxy coated and elliptical structure that is unlike any other car wash market . From the first moment when a customer enters the wash, it is clear that "Signature Series" is really something special.

"Signature Series" seeks to provide a better experience for everyone ... Including workers . By that gives you complete control of the machine with a few buttons so you can easily manage the chain and the whole team. With the all-electric format with frequency and Integra control system can respond in real time to changes in work queues time and weather conditions.

Increased performance , better quality washing and energy saving is now available only a keystroke away.