Dura blaster

Dura blaster

The DuraBlaster (patented) system is the high pressure side pivot for cleaning tires and wheels more smooth and reliable in the industry. It has been designed to constantly monitor wheel scroll up to 4m chain drag - preventing erratic and simple movement seen in other competitive model .

The reason for the accuracy of tracking is the patented swing "DuraBot" system makes the movements of live oscillating pneumatic piston movement , eliminating the abrupt motion associated with traditional systems. For maximum reliability and maximum uptime, the DuraBot uses a ball bearing construction with a greased for life design . And as operators maximum control deserve the DuraBlaster also features speed control adapted to the speed of the drive chain can activate or deactivate a function of washing convenience offered.

To ensure full coverage from each side the DuraBlaster uses two blades 20 cm in diameter on each side which together employ eight zero degree nozzles to provide full coverage of the wheel at multiple angles of attack. What's more, the Dura blaster helps clean the front bumper and rear while the vehicle zooms . The blades and bearings Durablaster are made of stainless steel for high performance long term.

Because DuraBlaster has been designed to suit many different configurations tunnel and occupies a space of only 60 cm x 70 cm, can be placed easily under any existing equipment. And because each operator has its own preferences, DuraBlaster is designed to work with two different groups of high-pressure pumps , which offer high pressure applications tailored to each case.