The washing system to step Insta Kleen is a unit for washing a high volume of washes in a short time, it is the best solution for fleets of vehicles, auto dealers,companies hire or valid as a center of soft wash gas stations or any particular type of vehicle wash.

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  • Drive through fleet wash

    Drive through fleet wash

    The Insta Kleen is designed to offer reliable performance and consistent with fast results for superior cleaning that will help keep vehicles with the best possible finish. Thinking built to withstand a hard and heavy, with no other system will get a final cleaning speed so good and so easy and economical installation and with the Insta Kleen providing maximum performance with every wash.

  • Correlator


  • Wraparound brushes

    Wraparound brushes

  • Low side washers

    Low side washers

  • Mitters


  • Chemical applicators

    Chemical applicators

  • Dryer