Wraparound brushes

Wraparound brushes

Many medium-volume car washes need a simple, rugged and compact wrap-around brush capable of washing vehicle fronts, sides and backs in a minimal footprint. The Gyro Wrap is the answer. Requiring just over 11 feet of space, the Gyro Wrap packs a lot of cleaning power into a small area.

Because side wash wheels take the most abuse, the Gyro Wrap is "Built to Tilt" through a full 360 degrees, minimizing the likelihood of damage to vehicles and equipment. The oversized socket joint uses a unique spherical bearing to create a maintenance-free 'Flex Head' at the top of the wrap.

This 'Flex Head' enables the Gyro Wrap to self-center, as the spinning wheel acts as its own gyrostabilizer. This means the Gyro Wrap will firmly hug the contour of each vehicle, washing the front, rear and sides of each, while making the wrap soft and forgiving on mirrors and antennas.

What's more, the simple socket design allows the integrated motor and gearbox to 'float' on the sturdy single-piece shaft. This eliminates the troublesome couplings, three-piece shafts and U-joints that competitors' wraps rely on, all while helping maximize 'uptime' for the operator.