You will not find a system equal in value , performance and business opportunity with washing machines contactless "Saber" and "Kondor"

Since 1999, the Knowing has earned a reputation as a workhorse in the world of automatic washing systems without contact. It is built to be reliable and easy to maintain machine offering a coherent and consistent cleaning for over 95 % of the time it works.

Our contactless washing systems smoothly move through rails at a height of 4 meters and allowing engines and gears remain protected in the upper part inside the shell of the machine trim and therefore away from dirt and water directly reducing complexity in maintaining and extending the life of system components , further , to have an open type design creates no claustrophobia in the washing track.

When you have once made washing reading vehicle dimensions , there are 1 or 2 arms that are articulated vehicle turning around and doing different functions such as prewash , wash, rinse and waxed with Osmosis.

We recently presented at the show in Las Vegas a new washing system without contact called "Kondor" that using the same technology that Knowledge can be adapted to smaller spaces for installation at tracks washes and allowing saving installation costs and acquisition while in operation.

And our wash systems combine developed to be easy on your daily and easy use in repair making them a unique and attractive to the customers.

We only work with the best materials and components available in the market and use structures 6061 , the same used in the construction of aircraft for its exceptional features high strength, long life and ease of cleaning. Even after several years our machines still look new!

In short , we offer a service tailored to each customer 's expectations with the experience of a company that leads the industry for over 40 years with over 23,000 machines in over 50 countries and more than 100 million turnover.


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  • Saber touch less automatic wash

    Saber touch less automatic wash

    The Saber is the car wash system without touch more powerful and fast that exist.

  • Kondor touchless automatic

    Kondor touchless automatic

    The new contactless automatic washing Kondor offers the possibility to update any type of laundry as it can adapt to new or existing bays.