Kondor touchless automatic

Kondor touchless automatic

The KL1 (1-arm) gives the best performance of a continuously moving arm, while the KL2 (2-arms) further increases the safety of navigation and allows the simultaneous application of chemical and rinse. Innovations include less intrusive, a head of the machine more compact and installation options for almost all sizes of tracks wash.

Moreover, each Kondor has been designed to impress. The top rails form a narrow "inverted track" to help the driver to move into position. The compact head carriage helps users to feel safer, and facilitates the diagnostic procedures and service in only 2 positions.

A case of collision with the wash arms your system can be restored in all 4 directions and to continue to wash.

The Kondor is designed to clean and built to maintain the cleanliness of vehicles. So every different arcs Kondor includes nozzles for each function - including 2 1 application prewash and drying wax. Other options include triple lather, rinse with osmosis, additional waxes and insect repellent. The rails of machine translation are galvanized steel and 25 hp engine fitted with a pressure pump 3535 CAT ensure long life and great performance of the investment in the washing machine without contact.

All machine parts allow customization of several colors and panels combined with the logo of each company own washing. Even wings are designed to provide backlight by up to 6 types of different colors to attract customers from the street to our laundry.

The navigation system of Led lights wash arms with color changing RGB lights to help drivers quickly to position vehicles.

In short, the Kondor is a non-contact machine designed for each type of track washed and budget.


Design features:

The Kondor 2 comes standard with pre-washed to provide superior cleaning and drying a wax.

Support structure Clearbay rails (patented) with 4 legs that support the floor galvanized and painted white with a design that invites washing thanks to its open appearance. 

It includes VPS (Virtual Positioning System) and touch screen allowing the data processing 30% faster compared to other systems and also be flexible wash programs through the included software. It also includes modem and searches for sending messages, so clients remotely control the work. Is automatically programmed with 2 phone numbers where alerts are sent faults.

The Kondor is able to control and take advantage of the optimum pressure of the pressure pump and boiler, pumps of each chemical, water treatment, the pre-washed, the best angles of attack with the pivot arms ... and many more functions to achieve having the best available high-pressure washing.

Thanks to the radial movement of the arm when applying chemicals only falls on vehicles without wasting nothing and fall to the floor of the wash bay, also the arm is 100% free allowing any movement to reduce the risk of potential damage the arm Kondor washing is designed with a spring loaded shaft lets you bend and adjusted in seconds without tools or mechanical. These patented knuckles are designed to allow wash arms to completely exit the form of any vehicle with no damage thanks to its sensor to stop and not get damaged to a vehicle crash.

Starting and stopping of the engines is 100% soft and lengthen its life, and chase them away for repairs or replacement costs. The bearings are greased for life, not worrying never greasing of the machine and all possible repair areas are easily accessible for quick maintenance and easy.

The power panel is separated by one party to protect motors and electronic starters and one with variable frequency drives to win in speed.

Designed to be durable, enclosed in its shell Kondor machinery that makes it work by creating an open space not only inviting for his good looks to wash the car but also serves to make it easier to use and can lower the potential failures or mistakes with customers. This shell that surrounds the soul of Kondor increases the profitability of laundry center and protects against negative effects of water, chemicals, dirt and ice affecting the important components of the non-contact cleaning machines that move on rails in the floor.

(The bay length must be at least 9.75 m in length - 3.73 m wide and 3.30 m high).