Touch free automatic large vehicle wash system

Touch free automatic large vehicle wash system

The V-Max is an automatic washing system for vehicles without contact.

This system with mechanical arms offers unparalleled reliability and performance with superior cleaning results and demand minimum maintenance. 

Available in 3 different configurations V-Max can easily provide quality wash both a van or delivery truck to a dump truck of 9 meters, a tractor trailer 2.5 meters or a tanker. Any vehicle can be washed in just 3 to 6 minutes.

The V-Max is the only large vehicle wash system that allows you to run up to 4 different wash programs at once. So if you are using the V-Max to maintain its fleet of clean vehicles or plan to mount a laundry center with the public both in staff-assisted self-service as the V-Max will provide accurate washing with the options you need to succeed. In fact, the V-Max E-300 with its wash program can be managed from anywhere outside the laundry over the Internet so you can control the frequency of washing and washing rates selected by customers.

The V-Max is designed with latest technology, as the system detects sonic format of each vehicle or a mechanism that does not require lubrication in bearings for life. If to this we add the characteristics such as construction of the same quality aluminum in the world of airplanes and high-density plastic, it is easy to see why the V-Max offers an unprecedented ease of use and reliability for throughout the equipment life cycle.

The system is available in 3 different track sizes, 8 m, 14 m and 23 m.