Automatic tire washer for trucks

Automatic tire washer for trucks

Are a common sight in many industries with a moving truck dusty, mud and general dirt that sticks in the wheels and lower parts of the trucks.

The fact that on the roads in that state is discomfort for the rest of vehicles and littering everywhere he go and already there are many municipalities that control and apply sanctions for companies to care for and monitor the status of trucks entering and leaving these areas.

Wheel washing is therefore the ideal solution to tackle these problems in quarries, cement works sites involved or landfills and others.

How does a Wheelwashing?

Is a fully automatic washing the wheels and the underside of the truck by a large water flow and pressure while circulating on this vehicle wash system. After washing water can be recycled used to minimize water consumption.

There are two types of systems Wheelwashing, the continuous flow where washing of the wheels is done with the passage of truck moving bypassing wash pad, moving slowly, while the pressurized water removes the dirt adhering to their wheels and low. 

The other system is the static roller where washing of the wheels is done with the axis at a stationary truck. In this system are positioned above the truck axles of the rollers for washing operation is repeated for each axis until all zones have been cleaned. 

The two systems can be installed either permanently through a simple civil works and transportable allowing move in wherever needed and adapt well or a work on time or with a fixed constant flow of trucks.

It is advisable to incorporate a water recovery system will save considerable given the volume of water needed for operation. 

Among the most important aspects of the wheel wash systems and low truck is mechanical extraction system that extracts of sludge accumulated sediments and ejected by an automatic hopper and from the bottom of the wheel wash system.