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The keys to building a lasting business

After having a business plan and having found a good place to install a wash center, it is vital to have found a good team that not only fulfills its mission, in this case washing cars, but is also attractive to clients by offering extra services regarding the competition, having low operating costs that extend the profit margin and also have low maintenance and long useful life. That is our commitment when you purchase a car wash machine from Eyna.

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Our services

With the experience of almost 40 years in the vehicle wash sector but always adapting to new market trends and providing tailor-made solutions for each situation and client, at Eyna we can offer you:

Marketing B2B

We offer business models that attract clients by focusing the marketing strategy on profitable actions that improve your ROI in the short, medium and long term.


You will be accompanied at all times before, during and after the budget and / or purchase with accredited professionals in the sector who will help you in each phase of the purchase or post-sale process to achieve the success of your business.

Project management

We put our resources, tools and staff at your disposal to help you meet the defined objective from planning and scheduling to monitoring and control until undertaking the project.

Business consulting

We offer an advisory service in future management and strategy in an objective manner, analyzing and providing solutions and helping to optimize resources to achieve the most efficient performance of your business.

EYNA: Discover our history

We are a group of Spanish companies founded in 1981, manufacturers of wash machines for all types of vehicles, world leaders in design, technology and patents. We export our products to more than 32 countries, always offering the highest quality and service.

Throughout these almost 40 years we have been able to work and learn from the large and small global factories in the sector, providing solutions to clients of all types in service stations, gas stations, car dealerships, car washes… And in different countries and situations.




We have been pioneers in the sector incorporating stainless steel and aircraft grade 6061 aluminum in our standard machines of the highest quality, we also control the entire manufacturing process certified by ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001



All our machines can work in self-service or manual mode. Operating costs are low, thus offering high profitability for each wash. We do not use captive parts and we do not create machines with programmed obsolescence.



More than 250 patents among all machine models allow us to protect the copyright of the designs of our systems, allowing us to stand out from the competition with innovation, obtaining a faster return on investment.



We design machines with high workloads in mind with the least possible electronics, so there are very few parts that require maintenance or that are captive parts. Forget about the expensive maintenance of other brands.


Why choose Eyna?

Modern technology

Progress always means saving time and costs by increasing productivity thanks to increased automation and therefore revenue.

Smart solutions

We offer simple, fast washing systems, with less maintenance and more cross-business opportunities for our clients.

Nice experience

Once the washing capacities of our washing machines have been exceeded, our goal is to offer the best washing experience for end customers, taking care of details that others still do not take into account.

Brilliant team

We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who are passionate about their work, always offering a high level of competence in all areas to offer the best possible service for our clients.

Telephone and online support 24/7

We have an online and telephone service attentive to your needs without the annoying use of 902 lines or Call centers that do not know what may happen or need you.

Affordable prices

Betting on quality does not have to be the most expensive option, to succeed you do not always have to spend so much. Our business models can be adapted to your needs and budgets.

«We collect ideas and experiences from clients, suppliers and our teams to transform them into an opportunity that translates into a source of business»

Miguel Alvarez

Eyna CEO


Miguel Alvarez


A law graduate, he is one of the founders of Eyna with almost 40 years of experience in the car wash sector, he has worked and collaborated with different factories and companies both in Spain and in other countries before working in this Spanish group.

Raul Alvarez

Sales manager

Graduated in ADE, he has been part of Eyna for 15 years, previously he worked in automotive chemical companies and in other brands of car wash machines, currently having more than 20 years of experience in this sector.

Ana Martinez

Financial manager

Graduated in Economics, she works at Eyna controlling the accounting and administration as well as the budgets and the treasury, being the head of the economic area of the company.

Ruben Montesinos

After sales manager

A graduate in industrial engineering and with more than 15 years of experience in equipment management and in the assembly and maintenance of washing machines, he is an expert in electricity and electronics, among other specialties.

Eyna in numbers

In today’s environment, with ever-increasing competition, excellence has become the key to business success. And that path unequivocally travels through quality in all areas.

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Mentions & Testimonials

At the oldest Hertz dealership we have in America, we have paid for the Eyna car wash in just 10 months. It is a great improvement over our old laundry room. We currently offer a clean and dry car in less than three minutes, without prewashing and without hand drying. Even with the cars washed, 18,000 in a year, our bridge requires only 1 employee to work (to put in and take out the cars), and it washes soft without scratching anything and it is very quiet. We are delighted with it.
Brad Garvey
Hertz rent a car
The washing equipment offered at Eyna quickly pays for itself. Every component we've added has reduced labor, improved wash quality, and reduced maintenance. With our new car wash we have reduced labor by 93% and increased washes a further 20%.
Carlos Stockwell
Sparkle car wash
Our machine draws traffic from the highway to our washing center. People like the washing system because it is unlike anything else in the area. And the built-in dryer provides consistent results that add real value to our customers. We have achieved a 25 percent growth in our wash volume and it is still growing 6 months later.
Farooq Shahzad
Westgate Mobil
Eyna's pass wash offers a number of benefits, including being a high-performance product. Compared to the 15 minutes it took to wash by hand, Eyna's pass wash delivers a clean car in 60 seconds or less. As we typically wash 200 vehicles each day, that means the pass wash is doing the work of 6 people. Now all 6 people may be selling to customers instead of washing cars.
Frank Ursomarso
Union Park Automotive Group

Press about us

Interview to Miguel Alvarez

"We have machines that ensure a quick return on investment"

Automatic motorcycle wash

Automatic washing system for motorcycles and bikes.

Wheel and tire washing

Washing machine for wheels and underbody of industrial vehicles in works

Automatic truck wash for fleets

Different washing systems that use the same technology as in cars but with more power and dimensions.


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