With this machine, a solution is given to washing motorcycles and bicycles automatically in a cabin of only 6 m2, being able to completely wash a motorcycle or bicycle between 2 and 4 minutes.


This revolutionary fully automated washing and drying system for motorcycles and scooters will make your company more competitive, innovative, commercial and complete.

With the experience of machines installed for more than five years in various parts of the world, this system is a pioneer in the development of automated and durable solutions for cleaning motorcycles and scooters, designing an innovative product that improves the cutting-edge cleaning process. at tip for 2-wheelers of all types and sizes.

Version for big and small motorcycles

With a galvanized and painted steel structure there are two versions of cabins, one for all types of motorcycles except the largest Harley Davidson type (up to 250 cm in length) and another for even these (300 cm in length).

Non-contact washing

The technology used provides a precise, intuitive and flexible washing for optimal cleaning, giving a unique solution for motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, especially favoring those motorcycles with different formats.

Wash duration between 2 and 4 min

With a variety of options and possibilities, various washing programs can be created with a high capacity of up to 30 motorcycles / hour.

Quick and easy installation

It is a 5.50 m2 cabin in which the engine room is included on one side in such a way that it can be placed in endless places and only requires connecting a mains water connection, a drain and a socket three-phase electrical.




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