We have created several solutions for exterior and interior disinfection in manual and self-service format without assisted personnel.


From Eyna we have developed arches and tunnels for disinfection for people in industry and restaurants and for vehicles outside and inside.

In order to disinfect the exterior of people and vehicles, we have developed arches and tunnels capable of eliminating bacteria by disinfecting surfaces through specific solutions against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

These systems are useful for all types of centers and activities such as car dealerships or car wash centers where they can be easily adapted to offer a solution to a problem that currently worries everyone.

Inside we offer 3 self-service systems that disinfect and work without personnel with different payment systems being able to offer an internal spray of a specific anti-bacteria chemical, a powerful steam system that also cleans and one with ozone, all of them complying with regulations current and useful for this purpose.

Disinfection systems against COVID-19

They are manual, automatic or self-service solutions useful to disinfect the coronavirus. They have fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal actions that eliminate odors, destroy toxins, oxygenate and deodorize the environment in an ecological way quickly and effectively.

Different disinfection options

It works by eliminating viruses and bacteria with specific chemical applicators through arches for the exterior or interior diffusers, with industrial steam or with ozone, all of them with proven useful action to combat and disinfect exterior or interior surfaces.

Experience in disinfection in vehicles

The design of our systems is adapted for all types of manual, personal or self-service car washes, rollover or tunnels and they are systems that we have created for years and that now take on greater value and importance. given the current moment.

Easy installation

They are systems and equipment with few requirements and easy installation that offer a quick and easy-to-use solution for end customers and that represent a new way of income adapted to the current moment and that will serve in the future to adapt to the needs of the moment.



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