It combines reliability and quality of washing due to innovation and the application of the latest technology in automatic washing systems. Aesthetics, flexibility, robustness and versatility are our objectives to satisfy the expectations of our most demanding clients. Very robust structure in hot galvanized steel or stainless steel with various wash heights.

The Saturn rollover has reached a new level by ensuring complete and optimal cleaning coverage for a wide variety of vehicle types.

We have transferred to an adjacent technical room those parts that could get damaged, make errors or stop the correct operation, thus achieving comfortable accessibility and less maintenance as well as faster and easier and without the need for specific tools.

The advantages of the Saturn:

  • Higher performance with a fast and efficient process.

  • Low consumption of water and chemicals.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

  • The new design of the low and high pressure pumps improves functionality and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Includes Ultimate Deck Pack.

Manufactured in galvanized steel or stainless steel

Rollover made of hot dip galvanized iron offering a high quality galvanized steel for which a minimum thickness of 2 mm is required to guarantee a correct image and a long useful life of the equipment with low maintenance and a higher value for sale in the second-hand market, bearing in mind that all kinds of chemicals and water with high hardness and osmotized are used in a hostile environment with constant humidity, supporting the movement and weight of the brushes on the car. The Saturn is the only rollover that can be manufactured entirely in stainless steel as an option to guarantee a longer useful life and fewer incidents, especially interesting in marine environments near the sea such as coastal cities or islands with an impeccable image without corrosion or perforation. like the rest of the competition models. Thus, everything in the galvanized steel version incorporates as standard in stainless the parts most sensitive to corrosion such as the drying nozzle where the high horizontal pressure is also housed and the brushes translation guides in stainless steel to guarantee a Very low maintenance where other manufacturers put cold-zinc-galvanized or galvanized steel at best.



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