This water recovery system allows up to 85% of the used water to be reused without the use of bacteria or chemicals.

Its patented system applies a new filtration technology through a physical process that eliminates the need for spare parts with the continuous expense of disposable bags or filters, thus reducing complicated and constant maintenance while providing the car wash with an optimal 5 micron water production. for the specific needs of car washes.

Eyna’s water recovery system has also successfully solved the typical odor problems associated with water recovery using an innovative system that we call “new wave”. Our system offers several options for odor control, one of which is our exclusive patented system without the use of chemical products «Air Sparger» that controls odor or ozone systems depending on the case.

3 models

There is 1 model for small machinery of 150 liters / min and another for large machines of up to 450 liters / minute capable of working in real time.

Patented designs

With 3 patents, this system is practically maintenance free as it does not use chemicals or bacteria systems to treat the water.

No bad smell

Our exclusive patented system without the use of chemicals "Air Sparger" controls the typical bad odor in this type of systems from other brands.


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