We have 2 ranges of car wash tunnels, the express and the Glowash.

Until now car washes have only focused on production, looking for a quick way to clean cars by focusing on the car and not on the client. It has been a mere industrial assembly line adapted to cleaning cars. The problem is that the cars are driven by people and they are the ones who pass through the interior of the tunnel. Clients are people not cars!

An important part of the clients consider the car washes a claustrophobic, dark, dirty place with a mediocre wash. As a result, 65% of clients who wash in automated car washes often go reluctantly and often look for another lower-cost wash option. The other 35% of customers will not use a car wash as they are today and prefer manual washing or at home.

Which makes it an opportunity for entrepreneurs who decide on a Glowash car wash system as it is a very attractive product and different from existing systems. Nowadays the noise level has been drastically reduced in the operation of the tunnel, being clean without having to do a pre-wash at the entrance, attracting more customers with its lighting visible from the street, and relaxing while washing and seeing the illuminated brushes confirming the chosen program. The type of brush used is softer than textile and dirt such as mud or sand does not adhere to it.

Manufactured in Aluminum 6061

The entire structure of our machines has been manufactured in aeronautical grade 6061 Aluminum, the same quality used to manufacture airplanes or boats, a guarantee of the highest quality and durability.

2 product ranges

Famous for having invented textiles, wash mitters or triple foam among other inventions, we have 2 ranges of car wash with a lot models available, all of high quality prepared for high production and durability depending on capacity and budget.

Better experience, washing and consumption

Better washing experience (light, color, no noise…). Cleans better (no pre-wash, no grating, less time, cleaner…). Lower consumption, greater durability of the washing brush, exclusivity and added value.

Washing capacity

We have several models and configurations that allow us to wash from 40 to 250 cars / hour depending on the needs of the place.




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